About Us

TekLight was formed at the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 Pandemic.  The company was formed by forward-thinking entrepreneurs who realized businesses, schools, airlines, restaurants, entertainment venues, etc. will all want to get back to normal just as quickly as possible.  TekLight is a rapidly growing, SBA certified, Woman Owned Small Business, based in metro Atlanta.  


Our President determined that chemical disinfection just didn’t “feel” right.  If every time a building or space is disinfected with fogs and chemicals, what is that doing to the environment?  What are those chemicals doing to the air we breathe and surfaces we touch?  What effects will those chemicals have on us, our customers, our students, our children?  Why so many fogs, chemicals, mists?   WHY, when there’s a better, safer way.


UVC light disinfects faster and better than chemicals.  Chemical disinfectants need a minimum of three to four minutes of “wet contact time” to kill bacteria.  Read what it says on a container of Lysol Wipes: “Four minutes” of wet contact time!  Who disinfects for four minutes?  No one!  So who’s disinfecting properly?  NO ONE!


In June 2020, Boston University released a study proving that UVC light kills COVID-19 in just 22 SECONDS at 99.9999%.  The CDC recommends hospitals adhere to 99.99%


Have you seen the protective outfits the employees who spray the chemicals have to wear?  They are fully covered, and protected, from head to toe!  They are also wearing respirators!  


Why?  Is it because they are being exposed to COVID-19?  NO!  The suits and respirators are to protect the cleaners from the chemicals and fogs they’re spraying in your building, office, restaurant, school, airplane, train, etc.  They spray in protective suits at night; You breathe and touch that residual chemical during the day. 


Don’t take our word for it.  Ask to read the Safety Data Sheets of those disinfectants.  Ask to read the manufacturer’s Technical Data Sheets too.  Educate yourself.  Protect yourself.


For better, faster, safer disinfection and infection prevention of the air and surfaces in your building, contact TekLight.  We’ll be happy to help you prepare a safe, responsible plan to implement UVC disinfection.