a Next-Generation Environmental Monitor for Indoor Spaces

ATMO®, a company building air quality and environmental monitoring products, announces the launch of Atmocube, an indoor air quality monitoring system for businesses, commercial buildings and public spaces. The device measures multiple air quality and comfort parameters, estimates the potential of viral transmission indoors and helps create a healthy and comfortable environment for people.

As the world adapts to the new reality and people are returning to the offices,  companies face the need of monitoring the ventilation and air handling — according to the revised WHO’s response, viral infections can be transmitted in poorly ventilated and/or crowded indoor settings. In addition, the CO2 level affects the well-being and performance of the employees, while the HVAC systems tend to be energy inefficient and can turn into a source of air pollutants themselves if not properly maintained.

Atmocube ensures the building environment is healthy and comfortable while helping to save energy. The device has up to 14 sensors measuring various environmental parameters such as CO2, formaldehyde, PM1 (small airborne particles), PM2.5, ozone and others, and tracks vital environmental parameters such as relative humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure, background noise, and light intensity.

“Air pollution poses a big risk because it can affect you and your health even if you don’t notice it. We aim to help people know what they’re breathing and make changes as a result,” says Vera Kozyr, the co-founder of ATMO. “As businesses return to the office, they need a tool to make information about indoor air quality transparent and accessible to their employees. Most air quality monitors are designed to be hidden away, so we set out to create a device with a more transparent interface that would highlight HVAC performance safety and create trust between occupants and building owners”.

Atmocube displays the environmental data on its dashboard and provides actionable insights in the mobile app and on the web. The device itself has a consumer-friendly UI and can be customized to display specific parameters. The device itself can be customized with various sensors and exterior panels to blend in different interiors.  ​​There is a growing interest among tech startups and major tech companies in indoor air quality monitoring devices as part of their wellness programs. A number of companies, including Revolut, Miro, Gett, and S7 Airlines have started testing Atmocube in their offices to reach their goal of securing healthy work environments for their employees.

The device connects to the Atmocube’s Cloud Dashboard and to Building Management Systems (BMS) over standard industry protocols and allows facility managers to see the air quality and comfort parameters status in different parts of the building, analyse trends and take appropriate action.

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