Custom UVC Fabrication / Products

From time to time, special circumstances or needs arise for UVC disinfection. If you have a need or an idea for a special UVC disinfecting device and don’t see a solution or product on our website, please give us a call to discuss custom UVC Fabrication.  We can work with you to fabricate a custom UVC solution specific to your needs.  If confidentiality is required, we can sign an MNDA to protect your interests.  Our manufacturers have the ability design and build custom UVC devices specific to your unique needs.  Contact TekLight.  We will be happy to work with you on your proprietary UVC disinfection device.


Technical specifications:

Fixture: Hospital-grade stainless steel
Ballast: UL listed for air handling
Lamps: UVC high output 17,000 hrs
Testing: Independent in accordance with IES
Warranty: 5 Year
Made: USA

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