Mobile UVC Systems

How can the air, ad surfaces, be cleaned to lower the risk from the usual suspects?
Mobile UVC Systems

Throughout Public and Private Hospitals, VAs and ASCs

American Ultraviolet designs and manufactures the most complete portfolio of UVC germicidal products that reduce, and even eliminate, harmful pathogens within healthcare environments. More than 100,000+ solutions since 1960. We designed our first mobile UVC unit in 1984, and now offer a variety of effective mobile solutions, including the:

ARTZ 2.0®; MRS 45-12 and MRS 33-8; and Blade handheld unit. All are manufactured in the U.S.A. And are affordable, efficient, and effective solutions for reducing unwanted surface and airborne microbes in healthcare environments. These have a particular focus placed on infection control and prevention.

ARTZ 2.0 ® Mobile Room UVC Germicidal Solution

Designed specifically to target zero infections in the environment around the patient, the ARTZ 2.0® is less expensive, more efficient, and more effective than any other comparable mobile room device in the marketplace. It is powered by twenty-four 45” UVC lamps rated for 12,000 hours; and features 360° motion sensors as a safety precaution. Additionally, it has web-based controls accessible from a device of your choice (phone, tablet or laptop). Lastly, it has automatic document control data logging to help reduce or eliminate human error during data collection.

We recommend using the ARTZ 2.0® as the final step during terminal cleaning of patient rooms. They also work well in surgical suites, or in any other areas of your facilities where harmful pathogens may be present.

The ARTZ 2.0® can be controlled from the web-enabled device of your choosing (mobile phone, tablet or laptop). Because of this, there is no need to worry about a lost, damaged, or stolen controller. Simply connect to the ARTZ 2.0’s discrete Wi-Fi network, and log in to web-based controls that offer cycle logging, fault logging, and lamp status information.

Additional Mobile UVC System and Handheld Solutions from American Ultraviolet:

MRS 45-12 Mobile UV Solution

This smaller mobile unit, which also has 360° motion sensors as a safety precaution, features twelve 45” slimline UVC lamps for maximum intensity. System controls, which are located directly on the unit, allow utilization of a touchscreen with three pre-programmed disinfection cycle times, and the option of manually setting your own disinfection cycle times.

MRS 33-8 Mobile UV Solution

This even smaller mobile unit also offers 360° motion sensors as a safety precaution and has system controls located directly on the unit, which allow utilization of a touchscreen with three pre-programmed disinfection cycle times, or the option of manually setting your own disinfection cycle times. It features eight 33” UVC lamps optically centered around highly polished reflector for maximum intensity.

Blade Handheld Germicidal Fixture

The handheld, portable, UVC Blade deactivates bacteria, viruses and fungi in hard to reach places, and in environments that only need occasional exposure to UVC light.

Custom UV Solutions for Healthcare

American Ultraviolet has a long and proud history
of designing custom UV solutions for a wide range of industries, including healthcare. The MRS 26-4, designed for ambulances, and mobile clinics, is one such example. If you haven’t found the perfect UV solution for your situation, please let us know and, together, we’ll work to come up with one.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: L93cm, W66cm, H171cm
Lamps: Twelve 45″ UVC lamps
Controls: App and on unit
Battery Charging Time: 6 hours
Coverage: 360 degrees
Weight: 140kg

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