The CK Series is budget-friendly, easy-to-install,
and ideal for new construction

• Increase Efficiency

• Prolong Equipment

• Improve Indoor Air Quality

Modular OEM Kit for HVAC Applications

The CK series was developed primarily as an OEM solution for custom air handling unit (AHU) manufacturers. Because new AHU’s are installed without the presence of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and mold, the goal of the CK Series is to prevent these contaminants from developing in commercial and government office buildings, hospitals, manufacturing plants, shopping malls, convention centers, airports, research facilities, educational institutions, and other public spaces where people gather. After all, as Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce
of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Because the CK Series is designed for new AHU’s, where pathogens aren’t already present, substantially less UVC energy is needed, which helps make the CK Series very budget-friendly, and very easy-to-install. Important details include:

  • Control enclosure drives up to sixteen (16) high-output UVC lamps
  • Lamps sizes from 18” to 60” in length (shatterproof coating is available)
  • The electronic enclosure is multi-voltage and multi-frequency,
    compatiblewith110-277V at 50 or 60Hz.
  • • LED indication (per ballast) confirms the ballasts are operating correctly

    • Lamp cables are available in lengths
    up to 30 feet to provide power to lamps in separate air handlers

    • Reflectors (optional) provide additional intensity

    • Easy-to-use mounting hardware makes connecting lamps (and optional reflectors) to inexpensive electrical conduit quick
    and simple

    The CK Series uses a proven watertight lamp socket connection that allows you to choose between standard, shatterproof, or double-walled lamps with CK Series electrical enclosures.

    The CK series is not UL listed, because it is intended for OEM equipment installation, and certification will need to be done in the field after the installation is completed. Where possible, American Ultraviolet has used UL-listed components in the modular components of the CK series.

What is the Need

Hospital Acquired Infections are a significant and increasing problem in the global healthcare sector, where each year millions of patients are infected and thousands of patients die due to infections acquired during hospitalization. Furthermore, the HAIs result in significant extra costs for hospitals, due to additional days spent in bed, readmissions and reduced operational efficiency.

CK Series


The CK Series is the perfect budget-friendly, easy-to-install OEM solution for new air handling units. Lamps can be placed in multiple AHU’s, and run from a single power enclosure.


UVC Is Efficient and Safe

UVC Germicidal Fixtures increase the value of all air conditioning and air-circulating systems by:

  • Maximizing system efficiency
  • Prolonging blower life
  • Providing healthier air to breatheTreating air that passes through an HVAC unit with ultraviolet light will reduce, or eliminate, DNA-based airborne contaminants (bacteria, viruses, mold spores, yeast, protozoa), and provide much healthier airto breathe. UVC Germicidal Fixtures are a labor-free solution that will not harm occupants, equipment, or furnishings because they produce no ozone or secondary contaminants. For more than 70 years, tens of thousands have been safely installed in hospitals, clinics, processing plants, commercial offices, manufacturing sites, and other commercial facilities and multi-and single-family residences around the world.Filters and Coil CleaningFilters are necessary to trap dust, pollen, and other particles, however, to remove harmful bacteria and viruses from the air stream you need the addition of UVC light to render these microorganisms sterile, and therefore unable to reproduce.Cleaning coils is like treating symptoms. Us- ing UVC Germicidal Fixtures from American Ultraviolet Company, on the other hand, is actually more like curing the disease.Without UVC, coils require constant cleaning and expensive and inferior process
    that often relies on toxic and/or flammable solvents that are dangerous, and that can diminish the life of the coil. Cleaning also frequently leaves material embedded in the center of the fin pack. Steam cleaning, in particular, can actually force growth deeper into the fin pack, compressing it so tightly that the only solution could be to replace the coil.

Financial Benefits

UVC Germicidal Fixtures keep coils clean
all of the time, enabling HVAC systems to perform as originally intended, and ensuring:

• System efficiency
• Longer equipment life
• Lower energy and maintenance costs

They’ll often pay for themselves in months and can help you save many thousands of dollars in on-going energy and maintenance costs. In addition, UVC Germicidal Fixtures play a very important role in improving air quality and will eliminate the awful odor and slimy build-up associated with mold and bacteria that thrive when temperatures are between 50-100F (especially when moisture is present), and that make the air unhealthy

for all building and residential occupants. Healthier employees mean better productivity and less sick time.

Technical specifications:

Lamps: High-output 17,000-hour UVC lamps
Power: Multi-voltage 110-277V
Ballasts: 10 years
Cables: Up to 30′ long
Connection: Watertight to the power supply
Hardware: Attach easily to conduit

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